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Obstetric Pads & Mattresses

Obstetric Pads & Mattresses

The K8 mattresses manufactured from memory foam actually moulds to the patient's body, thus relieving pressure by distributing the patient's weight as evenly as possible. Antibacterial, water resistant materials, which are vapour permeable and latex free, allow the skin to breathe. The unique fabric sealing system effectively welds the outer material together to give an almost unbreakable seal making the K8 a class leader in infection control
  1. Stool Cushion 330mm Diameter

    Stool Cushion 330mm Diameter

    Ref. No.10130

  2. Lithotomy Pole c/w Sleeves and Padded Slings
  3. Lithotomy Pole Sleeves Only

    Lithotomy Pole Sleeves Only

    Ref. No.10211

  4. Lithotomy Pole Padded Slings

    Lithotomy Pole Padded Slings

    Ref. No.10212

  5. Lithotomy Pole Canvas Slings Only (pair)
  6. Birthday Type Complete Delivery Bed Mattress
  7. Birthright Type Complete Delivery Bed Mattress
  8. Lic' Optima Type Complete Delivery Bed Mattress
  9. Hoskins Steel Type Complete Delivery Bed Mattress
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