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K8 Operation Table Pressure Care Mattresses

K8 Operation Table Pressure Care Mattresses

Anetic Aid is a UK based manufacturer of surgical and patient transfer trolleys and in line with these products, we specialise in producing mattresses that match the high specification that our equipment requires and to meet the demands laid down by both tissue viability and infection control standards. The K8 Pressure Care Mattress is first and foremost designed to safely accommodate patient’s weight spread evenly across the surface of up to 350 kilos in line with modern transport and treatment tables. The K8 mattress is designed with three major features: Body Mould Foam The K8 mattress is comprised of a foam core density of 48 to 52 kg/m³ - hardness of 210 to 250 Newton (N) and a Viscoelastic temperature sensitive top layer foam of 58 to 62 kg/m³ - hardness of 70 to 100 Newton (N). Basically this combination of foam is designed to meet the specified weight capacity, offer firm resistance to administer CPR and designed not to bottom out through prolonged use. Produced from polyurethane foam the pressure care properties are gained through its sensitivity to temperature and through the gel feel foam which moulds to the shape of the patient’s body relieving pressure by distributing the load as evenly as possible. Flexi fabric Because it serves no purpose to have such flexible foam, the outer cover does not match these properties, Anetic Aid have developed a revolutionary fabric utilising the unique flexible stretch properties of Lycra. Infection control / Anti-bacterial Developed with anti-bacterial additives added to the foam and an anti-micro bacterial water resistant outer cover, which allows skin to breath, the K8 is a class leader in infection control. Added to this Anetic Aid’s unique fabric sealing system that effectively welds the out material together to give an almost unbreakable seal. The mattresses conform to BS7177:2008+A1:2011 (Medium Hazard). Independent trials conducted by Dr S.V.S. Rithalia, Phd of Salford University, concluded the combined data on various subjects show that the K8 mattress did give significantly low mean maximum and peak pressures, compared with the standard pad under all four chosen sites, i.e scapula (16%), sacrum (15%), right greater trochanter (19%) and heel (26%).
  1. M' Type Table Mattress K8 Pressure Care
  2. MR' Type Table Mattress K8 Pressure Care
  3. J3' Type Table Mattress K8 Pressure Care
  4. RX500' Type Table Mattress K8 Pressure Care
  5. RX600' Type Table Mattress K8 Pressure Care
  6. Belfast' Type Table Mattress K8 Pressure Care
  7. TM' Type Table Mattress K8 Pressure Care
  8. ALM' Type Table Mattress K8 Pressure Care
  9. Maquet Orthostar Type Table Mattress K8 Pressure Care
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