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General Operation Table Accessories

General Operation Table Accessories

Specialisms aside, there are a huge number of general operating table accessories to be found in Anetic Aid's portfolio - from tube holders and screens to clamps, beanbags and stool cushions
  1. Triton Impermeable Absorbent Sheet - 140 x 200cm
  2. Triton Impermeable Absorbent Sheet - 140 x 100cm
  3. Anaesthetic Tube Holder Flat

    Anaesthetic Tube Holder Flat

    Ref. No.10120

  4. Anaesthetic Tube Holder Angled

    Anaesthetic Tube Holder Angled

    Ref. No.10122

  5. Omni Directional Tube Holder/Screen

    Omni Directional Tube Holder/Screen

    Ref. No.10125

  6. Stool Cushion 330mm Diameter

    Stool Cushion 330mm Diameter

    Ref. No.10130

  7. Anaesthetic Screen c/w Pad

    Anaesthetic Screen c/w Pad

    Ref. No.10190

  8. Anaesthetic Screen Only

    Anaesthetic Screen Only

    Ref. No.10191

  9. Anaesthetic Screen Sleeve

    Anaesthetic Screen Sleeve

    Ref. No.10192

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