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Manufacturing with the help of ‘green’ energy

The site is where the QA4 and QA3 Trolley Systems, Stainless Steel Furniture and many items from the company’s Operation Table Accessories range are made.

With this in mind, the company has always taken a keen interest in the advances in renewables technology – and has now completed a major installation of solar panels at the factory.

Explained CEO Guy Schofield: ’The project has been a big investment as we have installed a total of 997 panels costing over £237,000. <P>

However, the projections are that we will regularly generate over 230,000kWh per annum, which means we will not only cover all of our own electricity requirements, but will actually be a net producer for the grid.

‘We are therefore being true to our commitments in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment, and it also makes sound economic sense in the long term.’



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