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Why choose AneticAid for your equipment maintenance?

AneticAid has been designing, manufacturing, supplying and supporting their equipment since 1977.

The confidence in our homegrown products and support services, allowed the company to offer a unique feature with the launch of the QA3 Patient trolley in 1998 - a 5 year warranty - meaning those clients who chose to have their QA equipment maintained by AneticAid, would not pay for any mechanical components required within 5 years from the date of purchase* - an offer which carried through the launch of the QA4 Surgery Trolley in 2004. With the popularity of our devices & 5 year warranty ever growing - came the need for support staff to offer an “as manufactured” standard of pre-preventative maintenance - giving peace of mind to our client base, and ensuring equipment “down time” is kept to a minimum.

We understand that choosing a maintenance provider for your equipment, be that internally or externally based, needs to be a decision made on the suitability of the provider - so what can AneticAid offer, in terms of their maintenance contract cover?

As one of the few UK based manufacturer’s - with good engineer coverage across our client base - we can react swiftly when required, being able to provide an on-site engineer, carrying a wide selection of components, within a reasonable time frame and offer free of charge loan equipment where an on-site repair is not achieved (loan equipment not available for QA range of trolleys).

  • Comprehensive stock capability - from manufacturer - to AneticAid - to the engineer. This provides a quick, clearly communicated and uncomplicated supply chain, which can react rapidly when required.
  • To remain within the guidelines set out in DB2006(05) “Managing Medical Devices” issued by the MHRA, clients have to undergo training with the manufacturer before undertaking maintenance or repairs of medical devices. This is often provided at a cost to the client, and carries with it on-going internal administration, hardware, component and management costs especially when considering re-training requirements due to staff turnover. We offer one clear cost, minimizing the drain on site resources.
  • AneticAid prides itself on its engineers being experienced - which can only come from years of working day in, day out on AneticAid products and receiving regular training - something which cannot be guaranteed from parties who have less focus, on a larger range of devices - our engineer team benefit from:-

  • Focused, small range of products to maintain.
  • Dedicated area - dedicated clients - dedicated engineer. Our engineers know our clients sites, the departments with them, and moreover the end user’s needs - providing a superior customer service experience.
  • Regular updates on design, component, maintenance requirements, criteria and practices.
  • Regular training - to keep the engineers abreast of the latest specifications.
  • Swift, direct and clear information - from source.
  • Only being supplied with the manufacturers approved original components - guaranteeing a “same build standard” throughout a devices life expectancy.
  • AneticAid stock capability - being UK based, we can hold stock of every conceivable component required for the maintenance of our devices - which are available to our engineers on a next day service if required.
  • Being the first line in dealing with end user issues and queries - they have a quick and clear line of communication to access a resolution or find an answer if required.

For AneticAid, it is all about the client’s experience, and making sure we strive to improve our products for the benefit of our client base. Through the maintenance of our devices, which gives AneticAid access to end users on-site, we receive constant feedback on the clinical use and performance of our devices and their components - which is fed directly back to the manufacturer. This is very, very important to us and over the years has proved invaluable in helping us to innovate - without it, our devices would not be where they are today.

    In summary, we offer:-
  • ISO 13485:2012 Medical devices - Quality management systems certified company - independently audited & accredited.
  • Full compliance with EC directive 93/42/EEC & amendment 2007/47/EEC.
  • Full compliance with MHRA DB 2006(05) - Managing medical devices.
  • Experienced - manufacturer trained - service engineers based at convenient locations across the UK.
  • Direct link to manufacturer’s design changes & upgrades.
  • Comprehensive - manufacturer approved - pre-preventative equipment maintenance schedules.
  • Annual or Twice yearly pre-preventative & corrective on-site service visit.
  • Quantity break discount structure - ensuring the best price possible for all equipment.
  • Multi-year contract - fixed price for the term.
  • Multi-year contract - advance payment additional discount.
  • Free of charge - unlimited - call-outs for breakdowns*.
  • Free of charge components (dependent on equipment Warranty status)*.
  • 45% discount - from list price - for chargeable components.
  • Documented - traceable - equipment history for the lifetime of the device.
  • Portable Appliance Electrical Safety Test (on relevant equipment).
  • Independently accredited test equipment calibration.
  • Free of charge advice - from our office based technical support team.
  • Free of charge - certified - end user training.
  • Components in stock - with the engineers, our 16,000 square feet of warehouse in Leeds and backed-up by our 30,000 square foot factory in Portsmouth.
  • Manufacturer’s approved life expectancy advice - replace your end-of-life device with the latest design & technology.
  • Free of charge end-of-life assessments & reports.
  • Product liability - Total peace-of-mind.

No matter the age or condition of your equipment - even if you have not previously used Anetic Aid to maintain your equipment before - our maintenance team is ready and waiting to offer a competitive maintenance quotation (and we may even be able to re-instate Extended or Life Warranty status’s which may have lapsed). Our maintenance contracts offered are based on your equipment type and previous service history with us, the service packages available are:-

  • Extended Warranty
  • QA Trolley Systems under 5 years old
  • APT & AET Tourniquets under 3 years old
  • Fully comprehensive*
  • Life Warranty
  • QA Trolley Systems between 5 & 10 years old
  • Fully comprehensive*
  • Maintenance Contract
  • QA Trolley Systems
  • APT, AET & AT4 Tourniquets
  • Amatech Power Assisted Lithotomy Stirrups
  • PPM service visit(s)
  • 45% discount for components.
  • *Terms & conditions apply - refer to 95720 - Maintenance Contract - General Terms & Conditions.

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